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Port introduction

The Port of Kalundborg is one of the few deep water cruise destinations located on Zealand at the Great Belt and close to the entrance to the Baltic from the North Sea. It is suitable for both transit calls and turnarounds.

Port of Kalundborg is located only 100 km from Copenhagen (1 hour and 20 min. by coach) and saves 2 x 115 nautical miles for ships, with a draft exceeding 7.6 m, which cannot sail through Drogden. The geographic location offers great opportunities for cost savings, flexible itinerary planning as well as shore excursions.

We have a cruise pier with a total length of 330 m and a minimum water depth of 10.0 m. We are currently in the process of building a new pier, New Western Quay. It is 500 m long and has a water depth of 15 m.

The Port of Kalundborg is perfectly situated, not only in the center of Denmark, but also in relation to other cruise destinations, such as Oslo (194 nautical miles) and Warnemunde (109 nautical miles).


Kalundborg has 20,000 inhabitants, and is the capital town in the Kalundborg municipality that totals 50,000 inhabitants.

Kalundborg is a charming and authentic destination for transit passengers. The local area is brimming with beautiful landscapes, small villages and sights.

From our central location, passengers can also choose to venture farther. Copenhagen, Roskilde (the famous Cathedral) and Odense (hometown of Hans Christian Andersen) are all doable within a full-day excursion.

For cruise passengers interested in shopping or the medieval town of Kalundborg, we offer a complementary shuttle service from the quay side to the town square. Passengers can also walk to the town centre, the distance is approximately 1 km (10 minute walk).


With the central location of the Port of Kalundborg, we offer an ideal homeport opportunity.

Kalundborg is 100 km from Copenhagen Airport; the drive takes only 1 hour and 20 min. by coach.

Port agents and tour operators in Copenhagen are also available in Kalundborg. A turnaround operation will be handled smoothly and efficiently in temporary facilities on the 25000 m2 New Westerne Quay. Hotels in Copenhagen can be used for overnight pre-/post-cruise stays and pre-/post tours in Copenhagen are available.


a. Location: latitude 55o40´5N, longitude 11o05´5E

b. Local time: GMT +1

c. Harbour open: 24 hours

d. Scenic cruising: Sailing through the Kalundborg Fjord is very scenic. You sail between two peninsulas with the church and Roesnaes on one side and Asnaes on the other side, with the Great Belt Bridge behind the peninsula. Scenic cruising through the fjord takes approximately one hour.

e. Seasons:
Best time to visit:
From May through September
Climate: mostly sunny
Prevailing wind: direction W; force 2-4 Beaufort
Average temperature (24 hours): 17C (61F)
From October to March: more windy, rainy conditions with some fog and snow, especially in January and February, where average temperatures are oC. (32F)

f. Minimum depth at low tide: 10.0 m at Quay 5-6, 15.0 m at New Western Quay.

g. Tidal difference: 0.3 m

h. Current: 0 knots.
i.  Swell: max 0.5 m

j. Ice conditions: Ice free

k. Air draft restrictions: No

l. Port Traffic: Ferry boats arrive/depart at pier 1 up to three times a day. Maximum arrival/departure time for ferries is 10 minutes.

m. Any restrictions for port entry: No

n. Nautical port chart:
UK# INT 1371
USA# INT 1371
Local# 145

Ministry of the Environment
Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen
Customer Department
Rentemestervej 8
DK- 2400 Copenhagen NV
Telefon: +45 3587 5050
Internet: www.mim.dk
E-mail: kms@kms.dk


a. Docking

  • Name of piers: 5/6 Cruise Pier; 12/13 South Pier (Sydhavn)
  • Length of piers: 330 m; 450 m
  • Height of piers: above water at low and high tide: 1.8-2.2 m
  • Apron width: 40 m
  • Type of fenders: Rubber
  • Distance between bollards: 25 m
  • Strength of bollards: 25, 50 and 75 maximum pull/ton
  • Dolphins: No
  •  Security zone around the vessel at the pier: The port of Kalundborg has six secured areas that can be closed off to the public.
  • The areas are with fences and gates/gate control.
  • Depth of water at low tide: 10.0 m
  • Inner turning basin: 250 m
  • Outer turning basin: 300 m. Located outside the 12/13 South Pier 0.5 nautical miles from cruise pier
  • Maximum allowed draft in turning basin and along side pier: 9.40 m
  • Maximum allowed ship's length over all: 300 m. Ships longer than 250 m turn around in the outer basin
  • Availability of shore gangway: No
  • Availability of fork lifts/cranes/pallet jacks: Yes
  • Distance from pier to "downtown": 0.8 km
  • After confirmation, cruise

b. Docking

  • Name of piers: New Western Quay
  • Length of piers: 500 m.
  • Height of piers above water at low and high tide: 1.8-2.2 m
  • Apron width: 50 m
  • Type of fenders: Heavy rubber
  • Distance between bollards: 15 m
  • Strength of bollards: 150 maximum pull/ton
  • Dolphins: No
  • Security zone around the vessel at the pier: The port area is ISPS secured closed off to the public.
  • The areas are with fences and gates/gate control.
  • Depth of water at low tide: 15.0 m
  • Outer turning basin: No restrictions up to 11 m; Turning basin to 15 m
  • Maximum allowed draft in turning basin and along side pier: 15.0 m
  • Maximum allowed ship's length over all: 500 m
  • Availability of shore gangway: No
  • Availability of fork lifts/cranes/pallet jacks: Yes
  • Distance from pier to "downtown": 5.3 km
  • After confirmation, cruise

Ship visits

a. Largest ship visit: Cruise Ship"Arcadia" length over all 285 m/draft 7,9 m

Port restrictions

a. Use of ship's thrusters is allowed at arrival/departure

b. Painting of ship's hull is allowed from pier and from paint raft

c. Window washing is allowed with environmental friendly soap

d. Limitation on discharging grey (sink) water: Marpol ships are entitled to deliver limited quantities for free, in proportion to the consumption from the last port

e. It is allowed to launch life boats for drills

Port services

a. Pilotage

  • Pilotage is recommended, but not compulsory
  • Location of pilot station: latitude 55o40´5N, longitude 11o05´5E
  • Distance to pier: 9 nautical miles.
  • Service hours: 24 hours
  • Number of available pilots: 4

b. Towage

  • Towing service in not compulsory
  • Tug service is available
  • Number of available tugs: 4 x 5000 hp / 60 ton bp

c. Fresh water

  • Potable water is available from hose on pier
    - Rate of delivery: 75 tons/hour
    - Number of hoses: 1
    - Size of coupling: 4 " storz
    - Cost: Please contact port authority

d. Garbage 

  • Garbage service is available by truck.
  • Garbage service is available by barge.
  • No restrictions on dry/wet garbage that can be disposed
  • e. Recycling
  • Recycling service is available
  • Materials that can be recycled:Aluminium/glass/- paper/cardboard

f. Sludge/Oily bilge discharge

  • Sludge/oily water discharge service is available by truck - Capacity of truck: 10 tons (per truck)
  • Restriction: need 24-hour notification
  • Cost: Discharge exceeding consumption from the last port of call will be invoiced in accordance with the rate of the company handling the discharge

g. Gray (sink) and Black (sewage) water discharge

  • Gray/black water discharge service is available by pipeline
    - Capacity of pipeline: 45 tons per hour at pier 5-6, 100 tons per hour at New Western Quay
  • Restrictions: need 24-hour notification and an analysis of the sewage water to the sewage station
  • Cost: Please contact port authorty

h. Special waste discharge

  • Medical/hazardous waste discharge service is available

i. Bunkers

  • Bunker service is available Delivery by:
    - Pipeline: No
    - Barge: Yes, 400 tons/hour, capacity 500-2,000 tons
    - Truck: Yes, 20-25 tons/hour, capacity 32 tons per truck
  • Marine diesel oil: Yes

j. Maintenance and Repair

  • Availability of dry dock: No
  • Other maintenance/repair facilities: No

k. Provisions

  • Products available locally for provisioning of cruise ships: Yes


a. Quarantine, Customs, Immigration

  • Officials come on board at pier
  • After arrival at pier, required time to clear the vessel before passengers may proceed ashore: 15 minutes
  • What can be done to ensure quick clearance and immediate landing of passengers: In order to ensure the quickest clearance, please have the necessary documents ready for immigration and customs purposes on arrival, or make agreement with your port agent to forward the required documents to customs and immigration officers

The following documents are required:
- Ship’s stores declaration
- Crew list
- Passenger list
- Crew effect list
- List showing passengers/crew embarking/disembarking
- Ship’s arrival report


a. Visa requirements for

  • Passengers in transit: No
  • (Dis)embarking passengers: Yes

For disembarking passengers, from countries not mentioned below, the local immigration officer will issue a transit visa, in order for the crewmember/passenger to go directly to the airport.

Passengers, from a country not mentioned below, who wish a pre/post stay in Denmark, should contact the Danish authorities in their home country to obtain a travel visa

Visa is NOT required for people from the following countries:
Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Liechten-stein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Uruguay, U.S.A., Venezuela.

Daylight / temperature

Port charges

Please contact Port of Kalundborg

Port contacts


Port of Kalundborg
Baltic Plads 2
DK-4400 Kalundborg
Phone: +45 59534000
E-mail: info@portofkalundborg.dk
Web: www.portofkalundborg.dk
Contact: Bent Rasmussen or Michael D. Larsen

Cruise Kalundborg
Baltic Plads 2
DK-4400 Kalundborg
Phone +45 59534000
Web: www.cruisekalundborg.dk

Tourist contacts


Visit West Zealand
Phone: +45 2927 2260
E-mail: info@visitvestsjaelland.dk
Web: www.visitvestsjaelland.dk


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For further information contact:
Port of Kalundborg
Baltic Plads 2
DK-4400 Kalundborg

Phone: +45 59 53 40 00
Cell: +45 31 13 19 49
E-mail: ml@kalundborghavn.dk

Contact: Michael D. Larsen