Central Location for Crusing in The Baltic region and Scandinavia.
Kalundborg is located approximately 100 km from the Copenhagen city centre and Copenhagen airport. It is nestled on the western coast of Zealand at the Great Belt. Its close proximity to the Baltic Sea entrance via the North Sea, renders Kalundborg highly suited for both transit calls and turnaround calls. The deep water T-route through the Great Belt passes straight by Kalundborg. The position of the harbour is ideal in terms of resource efficiency. The passage through Kalundborg Fjord is intriguingly scenic. You travel between two peninsulas; flanked by the church and Røsnæs on one side, Asnæs on the other and behind the peninsular the Great Belt Bridge rises. This picturesque cruise through the fjord takes just about one hour.


To the right, we find Asnaes with its forest, beach and water steeped in peace and tranquility.

Take a walk in the woodlands or jump into the crystal-clear blue waves. Asnaes – the small, beautiful gem of nature so very close to Kalundborg.


When you venture into Kalundborg Fjord, Roesnaes is on your left.

Roesnaes is fierce, wild –and breathtakingly beautiful. It is a wonderful natural experience and a place in which to find complete peace!

The Roesnaes Peninsula is located nearby Kalundborg and is the most western point of Zealand.