Shore excursions I

Cruise Kalundborg provide highly qualified and motivating tour guides, capable of guiding at all local sites and offer assistance whenever necessary. The options for shore excursion within a 50 kilometres radius of Kalundborg are numerous, and we tailor-make tour products to suit your cruise concept or theme.

The Gardens of Birkegaarden

Duration: 3.5 hours

Prairie Garden, Convent Garden, Meditation Garden and Permaculture Garden.

We meet an amazing variation of colours constantly reflecting the particular season, and we find inner peace and tranquility in the many gardens.

You will experience:

  • Five very unique garden types
  • The newly opened permaculture garden
  • A special guided tour
  • Lecture by the owner Mary Soerensen
  • The history behind the gardens of Birkegaarden

This trip can also start with a steam train ride from Goerlev to Hoeng

The history of Denmark - from the vikings to the crusaders

Duration: 6 hours

Follow Viking King Harald Bluetooth’s path to the Danish throne. Over 1000 years ago, Harald Bluetooth gathered the Danish kingdom - the world's oldest monarchy. You will experience the magnificent Viking ships and buildings and get an insight into their way of living.

In the Crusade town of Kalundborg, the tour begins at the town square and continues through the old streets, where the street plans of the medieval period still exist. Listen to the story of how the Crusader Esbern Snare and his family founded the town and built the 5-towered church.

You will experience:

  • The story of King Harald Bluetooth
  • A Viking lunchbox with local produce
  • A guided tour of the Crusades town of Kalundborg
  • A visit to the Bishop’s residence

Kalundborg “High Town” and Lerchenborg

Duration: 3 hours

Explore the historical town of Kalundborg on foot and visit the home of the noble family Lerche. You will visit the old streets with houses up to 500 years old and see the church with the five towers. The Castle Lerchenborg is situated just outside the town and is from 1743. After seeing the castle from the inside, you will visit the old Baroque park.

You will experience:

  • Guided tour through Kalundborg
  • The history of the church with the five towers and the crusaders
  • The Lerchenborg Castle
  • The beautiful Baroque Park

Horse driven carriage tour

Duration: 2 hours

A panoramic tour of Kalundborg - in a pace of a forgotten time. An 18 person's horse driven carriage drives us past the old natural harbour Haervig, where the warrior lord Esbern Snare's fleet was moored.

We drive up towards the 12th century 5-spired Church of our Lady and Esbern Snare’s fortress ruins, from where he could see his entire fleet in the Haervig and any approaching enemies from the fjord. We continue down to the coast and along the lovely fjord view villas.

We turn and go back along the coast to the Gisseloere peninsula and perhaps make a stop at the lovely restaurant Gisseloere for a cup of tea or coffee.

We pass the historical radio station before continuing towards the old part of town where we pass Kalundborg Museum, the Church of our Lady, the Bishops residence and the lovely, well-preserved houses of the medieval town.

Nature walks

Bird watching in the Aamose - a guided tour with an ornithologist, a pair of binoculars and perhaps a book of birds.

Nature walks at the Roesnaes Peninsula offers a variety of trails that take you into the most amazing countryside. Follow the footpaths to the tip of the Roesnaes peninsula and perhaps spot a seal or a small whale.

Dyrehøj vingård & breathtaking beauty of Roesnaes

Duration: 3.5

Quite a remarkable experience awaits you at Kalundborg’s local vineyard. Dyrehoej Vingård has a vine area of 8 hectares with 24,000 plants and has produced wine since 2007. Denmark’s largest vineyard and happiest wine maker takes us on a tour through the wine fields and to the winery where we taste the grapes from the west coast of Zealand. Quite a unique experience since Denmark has no restrictions on winemaking … yet. Continuing towards the tip of Roesnaes, you will experience a remarkable landscape.

You will experience:

  • Wine making
  • From grape to wine
  • Wine tasting
  • Visit the cozy vineyard shop
  • See the stunning nature at Roesnaes
  • Mountain biking

This tour can be adjusted to be a panoramic tour or a more active walking tour to Roesnaes lighthouse.

Fugledegaard – the  Royal residence of the Vikings and Trelleborg

– the Viking Fortress

Duration: 4,5 hours

Here, Stone Age People had their hunting fields and the Vikings had a Royal Residence. Right here, in one particular place, the entire History of Denmark comes to life.

Try a guided tour in the royal hall and through the exhibition, where you among other things can see the Tissoe Ring a 2 kilo gold Viking treasure. The neck ring is the largest gold finding in the world from this era. You can taste Danish honey and mead as the Vikings used to make it. Enjoy the beautiful scenery, walking down to Tissoe Lake where you can see the reconstruction of a Viking ship.

Continue on to the Viking Fortress Trelleborg where you will have the opportunity to taste Viking specialties and have a go at archery.

You will experience:

  • Stories of the unique landscape
  • Guided tour in the nature park and the royal hall
  • Taste Viking specialties
  • See the world’s largest gold finding from the Viking era

Arts and handicraft in the idyllic villages surrounding Kalundborg

Duration: 3 hours


South of Kalundborg we find the Reersoe Peninsula.

Walk through the village and hear the stories of the unannounced visit from queen Margrethe I in the fourteen century and of the Nordic mythology that inspired the local artists to make a unique sculpture out of an old elm tree.

Reersoe is virtually an open-air museum with narrow streets and half-timbered houses that echo a very unique atmosphere.

Today, many of the houses are inhabited by artists and galleries.

The taste of Kalundborg

Duration: 4 hours

Pat a cow and know your steak! Visit Mineslund Organic Farm - a 15 minute drive from Kalundborg.

Drive through the area where livestock graze free a minimum of 150 days a year and make a stop to taste some of the homemade products - all Danish specialties, typically used for the Danish "smoerrebroed" - the open rye bread sandwich.

Continue on to another organic farm Kragerup Manor. The Manor dates back to 1327 and is owned by Baroness Birgitte Dinesen's family for eight generations. Birgitte will tell the story of Kragerup and the story of the ghost in number 3!