Castles and Manors

Castles, manor houses and large estates adorns the western coast of Zealand. Many are open to the public and can be visited on a half day tour as well as a day tour.

Dragsholm Castle

Distance from Klb: 32 km
Distance: 30 min.
Level of activity: hard
Obstacles: many staircases

The castle has an impressive history that reflects in the beautiful rooms, salons and ballrooms. The oldest part of Dragsholm Castle is the present northern wing in which the Church, The Baron’s Study and Hunting Room are situated.

The wing was built in the 13th century as part of a bulwark intended to defend Dragsholm from naval attacks from west, south as well as from the east. The extremely thick walls of the wing testify to the fact that the castle was built as a fortress. Dragsholm Castle offers splendid guided tours that to date have been well received from cruise passengers in Kalundborg.

Kragerup Estate

Distance from Klb: 34 km.
Distance: 35 min.
Level of activity: medium/hard
Obstacles: some staircases

Roughly 34 km. from Kalundborg, you will find Kragerup Manor owned by Birgitte Dinesen, who is the 7th generation of Dinesen to live there. Birgitte herself will entertain your guests on the guided tours with intriguing stories, myths and ghosts!

The history of manor goes back to the 14th century. However, the vaulted cellar, dating back to 1616, is the oldest remaining structure in the manor house. The main building is surrounded by a moat and a beautiful garden. In the side building of the estate, the owner has opened a small delicacy shop with a variety of produces and gift items.

Lerchenborg Castle

Distance from Klb: 5 km
Distance: 5 min.
Level of activity: easy/moderate
Obstacles: a few steps

Lerchenborg Castle is only 5 minutes from the pier. Lerchenborg is actually a manor house, built in 1743 - 1753 in a baroque style by General Lerche. The rococo style interior is very well preserved and dates back to the 18th century.

The Count of Lerchenborg, Christian Lerche, still lives at the castle along with his wife and children. In addition to seeing the inside of Lerchenborg, including the large Knight´s Hall, you can also enjoy a stroll in the beautiful baroque garden outside.