A variety of museums awaits you in the western part of Zealand, and all within a distance that is suited for a half day tour.

Kalundborg Museum

Distance from Klb: Old town
Level of activity: medium
Obstacles: Cobblestones in the courtyard

Founded in 1910, Kalundborg Museum is a nationally recognized museum, exhibiting the cultural history of the Kalundborg area.

The museum is housed in Lindegaarden – a six-winged timbered farmhouse in the medieval district Hoejby and adjacent to Kalundborg's famous landmark: the five-towered Our Lady's Church. Lindegaarden is built upon the ruins of Valdemar Atterdag's medieval city wall. The oldest parts of the farmhouse originate from the late 16th century.

The historical development of the Kalundborg region, from antiquity to the present day, is illustrated by the museum's significant artefacts collections; in particular, the museum's famous costume collection dating from 1750 - 1900 and the excavated large, rich Viking settlement at Tissoe.

The Veteran Automuseum

Distance from Klb: 24 km
Distance: 20 min.
Level of activity: medium
Obstacles: one staircase

An exceptional experience awaits you from an age when chrome and bodywork would reflect your image.

140+ cars, veteran mopeds and motorcycles and more than 3,000 model cars can be explored at the car museum. The still growing collection is a mishmash of older veteran cars and cars from 1960 through to 1980.

The car museum also holds a café at your guest’s disposal.

Co-operative Village Nyvang

Distance from Klb: 48 km.
Distance: 40 min.
Level of activity: medium/hard
Obstacles: uneven roads

In picturesque surroundings, we find the historic exhibition centre the Co-operative Village Nyvang. The village focuses on the period from 1870-1950. Various period houses have been moved from the local area to the site, in order to create a historically accurate picture of how things were.

The dairy, the butcher shop, the blacksmith and the local grocery shop are all open to the public and are run after the old traditions. Treat yourself to a fascinating visit to the largest exhibition of horse drawn carriages of all kinds in Northern Europe.

Nyvang also features various fully operational steam rollers. You should expect to enjoy at least a couple of hours in Nyvang. There are so many things to discover!

The Anneberg Collection

Distance from Klb: 55 km.
Distance: 50 min.
Level of activity: easy
Obstacles: one staircase

In the picturesque surroundings close to Isefjorden (inlet), we find the Anneberg collection – the finest collection of glass art in the Northern Europe.

The glass collection consists of glass art from B.C. until today. Thus, it is a travel through time.

Besides the unique collection of impressive glass art, the museum hosts the most remarkable treasures made in porcelain, faience, pottery as well as a large collection of Indian stone tools from Argentina. Each year, the Anneberg collection features a different exhibition. In the basement of the museum there is an excellent restaurant and a café.


Distance from Klb: 48 km.
Distance: 45 min.
Level of activity: easy
Obstacles: none

In Grevinge, roughly 28 miles from Kalundborg, we find Malergaarden, home to the locally famous painter Sigurd Swane. The farmhouse was built in 1935, when the family moved away from Copenhagen to be closer to nature.

Sigurd Swane died in 1973, yet today the house is a museum exhibiting the 1930s period home with many of Swane’s beautiful paintings on display.

Malergaarden also includes a wonderful garden with a spectacular view of Isefjorden (inlet). The cosy museum café with its various facilities offers a refreshing and atmospheric pit stop.

Sagnlandet Lejre: Land of Legends

Distance from Kalundborg: 63 km
Distance: 50 min.
Level of activity: medium
Obstacles: uneven roads

The Land of Legends simply must be explored. Here, you can get a sense of life from almost 15,000 years ago and meet people from Neolithic settlements, Iron Age villages, Viking sites and rural houses.

Have a chat with your great-great-great-grandmother, meet the Vikings, sorceress, talk to the relatives of the Tollund man or discover what the Neolithic man had for lunch.

Have a go yourself at the ancient crafts of weaving, pottery and blacksmithing. Watch scientists work on their archaeological studies. Join the guided nature walks and get close to the aurochs. Partake in the feeding of the wild pigs and visit the petting goats in the pen.

At this camp of the senses you are meant to walk on the grass and the children are encouraged to play and get dirty. We have no bumper cars or coloured lights, though you can take a boat ride in an authentic dugout canoe. You can also try your hand at living in the past in Bonfire Valley, where you can cook your own lunch, chop wood with an axe, make fire in the old Viking way and grind flour for your own biscuits.