Other attractions

Gardens, wineries, galleries, lighthouses and landmarks…you name it…. we’ve got it!

The Gardens of Birkegaarden

Duration: 3.5 hours

Prairie Garden, Convent Garden, Meditation Garden and Permaculture Garden.

We meet an amazing variation of colours constantly reflecting the particular season, and we find inner peace and tranquility in the many gardens.

You will experience:

  • Five very unique garden types
  • The newly opened permaculture garden
  • A special guided tour
  • Lecture by the owner Mary Soerensen
  • The history behind the gardens of Birkegaarden

This tour can also start with a steam train ride from Goerlev to Hoeng

Dyrehøj vingård & breathtaking beauty of Roesnaes

Duration: 3.5

Quite a remarkable experience awaits you at Kalundborg’s local vineyard. Dyrehoej Vingård has a vine area of 8 hectares with 24,000 plants and has produced wine since 2007. Denmark’s largest vineyard and happiest wine maker takes us on a tour through the wine fields and to the winery where we taste the grapes from the west coast of Zealand. Quite a unique experience since Denmark has no restrictions on winemaking … yet. Continuing towards the tip of Roesnaes, you will experience a remarkable landscape.

You will experience:

  • Wine making
  • From grape to wine
  • Wine tasting
  • Visit the cozy vineyard shop
  • See the stunning nature at Roesnaes
  • Mountain biking

This tour can be adjusted to be a panoramic tour or a more active walking tour to Roesnaes lighthouse.

Loeve Mill

Distance from Klb: 27 km.
Travel time: 30 min.
Level of activity: medium
Obstacles: a very steepl staircase

In 1860 the inn-keeper in Loeve built a Dutch style windmill. The mill burned down in 1881 and a new mill was erected during that same year. This particular mill stands today in the same working order as it did in 1881 and still producing flour. It is managed with our motto: 'Understand the present - Respect the past'.

You can visit the mill from the basement to the top - 19 m up - and see how it works. We have 8 voluntary millers ready to show the entire mill in function and explain all about it to guests. In the basement, you will find an original BUKH Diesel-engine from 1915. Still in working order.

The Roesnaes lighthouse

The beautiful rolling Roesnaes landscape, formed during the last Ice Age, is home to a valuable and rare ecosystem. Nevertheless, the area is also shaped by war and conflict. Stories of the Gunboat War, World War II and the Cold War display along three separate walks – each at the exact spot where the event took place. The routes all lead out to Roesnaes Lighthouse.

The lighthouse was built in 1844-46, where previously there had been a defense battery.

Roesnaes lighthouse is open to the public.

The Church of our Lady


The unique 5- towered church built around 1220 is the pride of Kalundborg. The church was a gathering point for the crusaders during the period, before they sailed off east to the Baltic Sea. The church plan reveals a very tangible and direct symbolism. It is built to the precise measurement described in the Book of Revelation - 144 units of measurement (4X36).

Gallery Bispegaarden

Gallery Bispegaarden is situated in a beautiful building dating back to 1401. It was the residence of the bishop of Roskilde. Today it houses the art gallery Bispegaarden where you can experience contemporary art. The exhibition varies between paintings, ceramics, sculptures and photography.